Who We Are

At Nexon, our vision is to create, deliver, and evolve the world’s most immersive online games. Nexon introduced the world to one of the first graphical MMORPGs, The Kingdom of the Winds, in 1996. Nexon’s portfolio of games has since grown to over 100 serving titles in 190 serving areas across the globe.

We are passionate about delivering the best online gaming experience to our players, and we want everyone to enjoy the online worlds we have created. It’s incredibly rewarding for us to see games that are still going strong after more than 10 years of service, with an incredibly vibrant community of users that continue to be as vocal and devoted as ever. Many have made new friends. Many have become better friends through exhilarating moments they shared together online. Many have even found their true love in our virtual worlds.

Our games have evolved over the years. We will continue to listen to your feedback, and we will continue to critically examine our services and improve them.

Working for Nexon is a truly global experience. It’s an exciting challenge to work with individual talents and specialists from all over the world.

Anne G., Head of Human Resources

Nexon Europe is a group company of Nexon, which has been a global leader in online games for more than two decades. Currently based in Berlin, Nexon Europe was established in March 2007 to deliver a growing portfolio of games to a worldwide audience. With 30 million registered users spanning across 48 territories, we provide our services to an extremely diverse group of gamers.

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5 Offices
6000 Employees
1 Mission
Los Angeles

Our History

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Launched

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Launched

September 2014 Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies was launched on Steam. The game is based on the classic Counter-Strike, with loads of new modes and maps.…

Combat Arms Turkey Tour

Combat Arms Turkey Tour

September 2014 We held the largest tournament of Combat Arms in Turkey to find the best soldiers in the country. This competitive event was held in Istanbul, Konya, and Antalya.…

United Eleven Launched

June 2014 United Eleven, a football management simulation game, was launched. This is the first browser-based game from Nexon Europe.…

United Eleven Conference

May 2014 We held a press conference in central Madrid with one of the top football managers, Carlo Ancelotti, promoting United Eleven.…

Combat Arms European ESL Tournament Finals

December 2013 The finals for the Combat Arms European ESL tournament was held, with 31337 Gaming taking the trophy after a close, fierce battle.…

War Rock Launched

May 2012 War Rock features realistic war scenarios with strategic and tactical gameplay.…

Dekaron Launched

February 2012 Dekaron, which features extensive PvP modes and large-scale guild wars, was launched.…

Vindictus Launched

October 2011 Vindictus, which features a realistic physics-based combat system and impressive visuals, was launched.…

Gamescom 2011

August 2011 Nexon Europe showcased Vindictus and Combat Arms at Europe’s biggest conference for interactive games and entertainment.…

Atlantica Launched

Atlantica Launched

February 2011 Atlantica, which takes place in a semi-fictional world of Atlantis, was launched.…

Nexon Europe S.á r.l. Established in Luxembourg

November 2010 Nexon Europe moved its office from the United Kingdom to Luxembourg.…

Combat Arms Launched

February 2009 Combat Arms, a pioneer in free-to-play online FPS, was launched.…

MapleStory Launched

May 2007 MapleStory, which boasts more than 100 million players worldwide as of 2015, was launched.…

Nexon Europe Limited

March 2007 Nexon Europe Limited was established in the United Kingdom.…

The Kingdom of the Winds Launched in Korea

April 1996 The Kingdom of the Winds, one of the world’s first graphical MMORPGs, launched in Korea.…

Nexon Established in Korea

December 1994 NEXON was founded in Seoul, Korea by Kim Jung Ju and Jake Song.…

Social Responsibility

Whistleblower Protection Program
1. Private Principles
Identity as well as dispositions made by the Whistleblower will be kept strictly confidential without going against the informant’s intentions.
2. Identity Protection of Whistleblower
The Whistleblower will not receive any disadvantages or discrimination whatsoever with regards to a legitimate report, and the company will take responsibility for any penalties caused, whether through actions in restoration or equivalent liability of the penalty if necessary.

Type of Report
1. Giving/receiving gifts of entertainment/hospitality
2. Giving/receiving money (cash/gifts)
3. Unfair business practices
4. Acts of discrimination
5. Acts of private information disclosure
6. Ethical wrongdoing

How to Report
Please report to Whistleblower Protection Report. Progression or results to your report will be communicated via email.