Maven’s Incursion

Play as Maven along with a new map, weapons and skins.

How often does a new Operative join the ranks of Section 9? Welcome Maven, the newest member of the elite counter cyber terrorism group, created for First Assault in coordination with Production IG and Kodansha. In addition to Maven, we are releasing a new map and new skins for further customization on weapons and Operatives. For those who do not yet have access, you’re in luck! Operatives are able to purchase Early Access Packs at up to 40% OFF.

Dive in below on all the details for this anticipated update for SA: Maven’s Incursion – GUERILLA WARFARE!

The newest Section 9 operative, Maven, is an expert in guerilla warfare and topography, stemming from her time in the South American military. Maven first came to Chief Aramaki’s attention during an operation in which she single-handedly held off an insurgent attack after her entire squad was killed. Afterward, she joined Section 9, where she has proven to be both resourceful and deadly. However, her troubled past is never far away; she has vowed to destroy the rebel group that ravaged her country and killed her family. Maven’s cyberskill is a therm-optic barrier capable of obscuring sight. At Tier 2 of this ability, the size of the barrier increases. However, barriers can be destroyed by enemies.

A shipment of black-market cyber bodies has drawn the attention of Section 9, but the terrorists aren’t going to give them up without a fight. It’s going to be an all-out battle to the death across this narrow port where any wrong turn could mean a quick end. Port is now playable in Team Death Match mode.

Ever wonder how many shots you fired with your favorite weapon? Ghost Screen provides some quick, detailed information on your player profile and your in-game play patterns. Discover your most played map, weapon, and operative and learn about how you stack up against other players in your level group. This is just an early ‘beta’ phase for this feature and we’re excited about where we’ll be taking it in the future. Be sure to leave your feedback and let us know what you would like to see in future Ghost Screen updates!

Ghost Screen features:
• Stats Summary
• Favorite Primary Weapon Info
• Favorite Primary Kill/Play Time Ratio
• Favorite Primary Headshot Ratio
• Favorite Map Info
• Favorite Map KDR
• Favorite Map Win Ratio
• Favorite Operative Info
• Favorite Character KDR
• Favorite Character Skill Tier Usage

Many Operatives asked when the Development team would apply customization for the appearance of playable operatives. We have answered the call by introducing 2 new skins for Batou and Saito. Batou turns up the heat in the “FireTeam” skin while Saito stays stealthy in the “Stalker” skin. Grab them in the in-game Marketplace.