Get up close and personal with new War Rock update

Blackshark update lands this month; adds new map, weapons and more

On 15th March, free-to-play shooter, WarRock will receive a new update that brings with it an intense, close quarters map, new elite weapons, special events and rewards.

Modern House, is a brand new map that offers WarRock veterans a new type of combat experience – close quarter action. As the safe house of the BlackSharks – an elite squad of high-ranking officers from NIU’s special operation force – Modern House, is absolutely loaded with their trademark tiger-striped weaponry.

Players can take up arms with newly designed weaponry from a selection of guns (MPX, VSS, M4A1, M202A1), now with the BlackShark design to fit in amongst the troops.

Darbaran has caught wind of the location of the safehouse, which means it’s just a matter of time before his squad of mercenaries show up, and raise hell – turning the place upside down in a search for the arms stash.

Throughout April, all players that take up arms will be granted an 100% bonus on all EXP on Modern House. While those players who play for at least 30 minutes a day can earn up to five coupons a day which will can be used to purchase items,

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