Go green as Combat Arms celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

There’s no need to chase after pots of gold to get in the St. Patrick’s Day Spirit in Combat Arms! Today, Combat Arms is giving players a chance to go green, with some limited-edition items. All players who log in to the game receive the Leprechaun beard and more items await when they play for a set of time – the Leprechaun hat and a green sickle – so they can chop down their opponents in traditional mischievous style.

Moreover, Combat Arms introduced its first Green Series of weapons available for purchase only until 23rd March. Those weapons can be paired with many items from the inventory to create a unique killer look!

But that’s not all… all players will have the luck of the Irish on their side during St. Paddy’s Day, as everyone who plays Combat Arms will receive a 100%+ boost to GP and EXP.

For more details, please visit: http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/News/EventView.aspx?BoardIDX=2540.