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Career FAQs

How do I apply for a position at Nexon Europe?

If you take a look at our careers page, you will find the open positions. When you find a job that you believe you are a suitable candidate for, submit your contact information, cover letter, CV, and any other items listed for that specific job posting. If we think you are a good match, an HR representative will contact you.

Does Nexon Europe provide employee education or development opportunities?

Depending on the position, employees may get the opportunity to take part in a diverse range of training programs and workshops. Nexon Europe also offers a working environment that supports learning so that all employees may strive toward personal and professional goals.

Are there networking opportunities at Nexon Europe?

There are many opportunities to interact with fellow employees through various events (professional and social) and company meetings, as well as overseas business trips. And because Nexon Europe is a gaming company, there are many chances to get to know colleagues and other industry professionals through playing games and attending conventions.

My major has no relation to the gaming industry in particular. Is recruitment still possible?

Nexon Europe looks past your major and will take your passion for and experience in gaming as you describe it in your cover letter and CV into strong consideration.

Is it possible to apply for a job that is not currently listed?

Those who would like to apply for a job that isn’t available at the moment, may submit their cover letter and CV. We will file those who we find suitable on standby. Applications and CVs that match opening positions will be prioritised.

What is the interview process like?

Interviews at Nexon Europe are formed in 3 stages, each interview having its evaluation standards as detailed below:

1. Phone/local interview by HR (to get to know each other and talk about expectations)
2. Skype/local interview by the field team (to check field-related skills and experience)
3. Skype/local interview by the related Director and CEO (final interview)

Is there a fixed dress code at Nexon Europe?

No, we do not believe that creativity can be manifested under strict regulations. There are no regulations in regards to personal attire.